If you’re going on a trip to Saudi Arabia then there are few important things that you need to be aware of before departure. Firstly make a decision as to which part of Saudi Arabia you would like to visit, whether it’s the east coast or the west coast. There is a wide selection of packages available for tourist traveling to this part of the country. The most popular package includes: Jeddah Tour Packages, Muhaamis Tour Packages and Medina City Tour Packages. You can also choose packages depending on your budget. You’ll find many hotels in Jeddah with excellent facilities at affordable rates.


Jeddah Tour Packages includes a visit to the famous Al-Azhar Mosque. It is located in the old part of town in the center of Jeddah. This is a wonderful mosque constructed during the early Islamic period. You can see the intricate carvings done by the masons who built this mosque.


As you are traveling to the east coast of Jeddah, the second thing that you should know is the International Airport that has two international airports namely, King Abdullah Airport and King Faisal International Airport. This two airports serve international flights coming into Jeddah. All major airlines have direct flights to Jeddah. So, you need not worry about the timings of the flights. Just check the timings of your desired airline service before traveling to Jeddah. The major airlines that offer flight services to Jeddah include: Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Qatar, Turkish Airways, Dubai Airways, Turkish International Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Swiss Airlines, Korean Air Lines and Gulf Airways.


Besides these airlines, there are many other low cost airlines that offer good flight services to Jeddah. They offer flights for both local and international flights. The only drawback of these airlines is that they often have limited destinations and the schedules may vary. To be on the safe side, it is best to travel to Jeddah from one of the aforementioned major cities like Istanbul, or further north towards the Iraqi border. By going by these routes, you will be able to save quite some money on your flight tickets.


The best option available for travelling to Jeddah from the hub of the Arab League, at Hurghada, is to take a connecting flight from Taif. From there, you can travel all the way to Jeddah via the cheapest flight to Istanbul as well. Once you reach the Egyptian capital, all you need to do is hop onto a taxi or a car hire to head to your connecting flight to Jeddah.

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From the iata airport in Egypt, which is the fourth largest airport in all of Africa, you can easily reach the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This includes Jeddah via the cheapest flight to Istanbul, and then to your own destination by taking a connecting flight to Taif. From there, it is a short drive over to Jeddah. The Moroccan capital is also just an hour’s drive away via the international highway. You can also find cheap car and bus services from the M’Hamid bus station in Tangier, which will get you to and from the international airport of Jeddah.