A trip to Kornokipos is a must for all lovers of world class beaches and the sun. This beautiful Greek Island has it all: The most famous white sandy beaches in the Mediterranean; The most beautiful blue sea, teeming with marine life; The best diving sites and an abundance of diving opportunities; It’s also a great base to explore the fascinating culture and history of Cyprus. And no trip would be complete without a visit to one of its many nightclubs and bars. Kornokipos is a small island, so finding accommodation can be easier than you might think. Most of the hotels in Cyprus are strategically located on the beach front, near the most popular shopping areas and restaurants. It can sometimes be difficult to find a good hotel on a tiny island, but here are some suggestions that should help.

Trip to Kornokipos

Hotel Capello: Capello is a delightful upmarket hotel on the sunny south coast of Kornokipos. Capello is located close to the Golden Sands National Park and the shopping area of Paphos. It offers elegantly appointed rooms, a wide variety of amenities and great value for money. It’s perfect for groups planning a break during the summer.

Hotel Skybar: Another upmarket hotel on the sunny south side of Kornokipos. Like Capello, it’s near the sea and is a good base to explore the nearby city of Paphos. There’s lots of local nightlife and good value food at Skybar.

Hotels in Limassol: Limassol is a cosmopolitan centre of entertainment and culture. You’ll find everything from a beach bar to a bustling bar scene. Some of the more upmarket Limassol hotels are located in the heart of town, while others are more convenient to get to from the many buses and taxi drivers. The luxury resorts at Papaverim and Maiolica are also a good place to stay during a trip to Kornados.

Beach hotels in Corfu: Beach hotels in Corfu are not only a good alternative to expensive hotels in the main areas of the island, but they’re also right on the beach. This means you can use them for relaxing and sunbathing, as well as for exploring the nearby area. Most have direct access to the sea, meaning you can enjoy clear skies and crystal clear water. Be sure to check out the area’s best water sports too.

Beach resorts in Santorini: Beach resorts in Santorini aren’t just popular with families on holiday; they also make great base camps for group treks to the island. Many of the better ones are located close to the tourist attractions and the shopping areas. If you go during the high season (the peak of the island’s tourism year), you can expect to be booked solid. However, the number of tourists visiting the island peaks in the summer months, so if you’re thinking of spending a few days of lounging on the beach, this could be the ideal time to book.