Trip to Agia is one of the most famous activities in Cyprus. The lovely resort town of Agia is not only popular among holiday makers and locals, but is also regarded as a key cultural hub throughout the rest of Cyprus. The beautiful landscapes and tranquil waters of the island have been recognised by the EU as a World Heritage site and have been a source of both inspiration and attraction for artists, writers, composers and scientists throughout the ages. A Cyprus holiday break in the region’s natural beauty is guaranteed to be a real winner for anyone looking to escape the pressures of everyday life and soak up some sunlight, relax and rejuvenate.

Trip to Agia Marina

When planning a trip to Agia, you need to plan well ahead to avoid any last minute disappointments. Cyprus car hire companies can provide you with affordable travel arrangements from the earliest stages of your trip and transport and accommodation are located all over the island. Hotwire is there to help you locate your ideal travel destination at the lowest price available. Combining your car hire with comprehensive travel insurance for peace of mind and hassle-free travel, we can ensure that you’re able to explore all of the cultural and historic sights that await you when you travel to Agia Marina.

Car hire Cyprus starts from just 12 kilometers away from the island’s airport. You’ll be able to book a car online through our website in just minutes and be picked up by your vehicle from the closest parking space on the island. Travel further north towards the capital Nicosia and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the many fantastic boutique hotels that dot the countryside. Cyprus car hire companies often rent out luxurious Limousines and other prestige cars, perfect for enjoying the sights from the driver’s seat. With our friendly and helpful drivers you can enjoy the sights, the sounds and the sights of this truly unique destination.

For those travelling with families, Cyprus car hire from our holiday villas can prove a cost-effective alternative to paying extortionate hotel bills. It’s simply amazing how a small island with one main road can offer everything a family needs for a relaxing and affordable holiday. The delicious local food and the friendly locals are a bonus, but there’s more; the clean, sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean and warm Mediterranean beaches are an attraction in their own right. If you love water sports, you will love the island of Cyprus, especially its beaches and the many activities that you can participate in during your stay.

If you’re looking to make the most of your trip to Agia Maria, booking your car hire ahead of time will allow holidaymakers to avoid busy periods and allow them the freedom and flexibility to explore all the sights, attractions and activities. You will have so much to see and do while on your trip, and a Cyprus holiday villa can give you the privacy and comfort that you are looking for. It has been said that the world’s greatest explorer Sir Francis Drake found his ultimate resting place at the village of Agia Maria while on a trip as a privateer. Booking a Cyprus car hire will let you take full advantage of this fabulous location as you explore the island in luxury.

A trip to Agia Maria means experiencing the best of both worlds, the tranquil and spectacular Cypriot countryside as well as the vibrant, modern city life. This combination is said to be the perfect recipe for romance. All you need is just enough time away from the hectic lifestyle of the city and the bustle of everyday life to enjoy what the area has to offer. A Cyprus holiday villa will make the perfect backdrop for this romantic getaway and you will soon feel that you have truly found heaven. The island of Cyprus will offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for historical sites, the fascinating history of Cyprus or a laid back beach holiday, you will be able to find a place where you will feel relaxed and content.