Trip to Zagreb

Getting Around Croatia – Things to Do When Visiting Zagreb

A Trip to Zagreb is both an ideal romantic getaway and a great business outing. Croatia is the perfect destination for a honeymoon, romantic getaway or a business trip. This beautiful land of infinite natural beauty and charming villages is a must see on your way to any part of the world. Croatia is one of those countries that has something to offer everyone no matter what their interests. With a plethora of museums, art galleries, friendly people and amazing travel destinations, Croatia offers something for everyone.

A Zagreb day trip can be made up of different sightseeing activities which range from cultural to entertainment. If you are a culture buff, then nothing beats a visit to the Zagreb Museum of Natural History, which houses more than 2021 specimens of flora and fauna. There is also the National Museum where you will find works of fine arts and architecture such as the House of Croatian Art and the National Museum of Modern Art. You can also visit the underground baths in Zagreb, which were discovered by Count Dracula himself.

Another attraction worth visiting when on a trip to Zagreb are the art galleries. These galleries are found all over the city and boast of a collection of works from different artists. In order to get to these places you can use the intercity bus, a rented car or even rent a bike. The Zagreb Cathedral and the Grand Circle Fountain are two other interesting stops in the city. The impressive Vitava River that flows through the upper town is a favorite picnic spot for tourists especially on a trip to Zagreb.

A day trip to Zagreb doesn’t have to end in the city. You can easily spend a few days sightseeing and exploring the surrounding landscape and countryside. A trip to Dubrovnik, Pula, Crikvenica and Sibenik are some of the main points that you should not miss when on a trip to Zagreb. There are also plenty of tourist attractions such as the Branati Renaissance castle, the Kvarner fortress and the World Heritage Old Town of Zagorie. The cultural centers of Croatia such as the Split Museum and the National Gallery are also worth a visit while you are on your trip to Croatia.

One of the best ways of getting around while on a trip to Zagreb is using a rent a car service. If you don’t like driving then this is one option that you should definitely look into while planning your trip to Croatia. However, if you are a driving enthusiast then you should be prepared to take the bus or a hop on and hop off sightseeing tours across the city. This is probably one of the best ways of making sure that you don’t miss out on anything while on your trip to Zagreb.

It is highly recommended that you do a little research while planning your trip to Dubrovnik and Zagreb before getting on a plane. While there are plenty of tourists attractions in these two cities, there is so much more to discover in both of these cities. In Dubrovnik for example you will find many historical museums as well as the rich history of the city as mentioned above in this article while in Zag Croatia there is virtually something for everyone from museums and entertainment centers to great food and wine.