Trip to Nakhchivan

A Trip to Nakhchivan

A Trip to Nakhchivan in Azadjan is one of the most treasured memories of travelers. It was the capital ofabadabad (now known as Nakhchivan) and a major trade and cultural center in the north-western region of the republic. Tourists often describe the place as a miniature India, because of the many ancient monuments and temples that it has to offer. The most famous ones are the Haghpat Panchami (Great Holy Temple), the Mehrangarh Fort and the Tomb of Akbarabad II. This article will discuss a little about the trip to Nakhchivan from the international point of view.

The first and most important point to be considered is the transportation. From the airport in Minsk, the nearest international airport to Nakhchivan is the Azadjan International Airport. From there, you have two main options: traveling by the bus and traveling by the train. Both these transport methods provide excellent connectivity to the town center, but the real entertainment value is provided by the Humayun intercity buses that run regularly to Nakhchivan and the other major exclave towns in the northern region of Kazakhstan. The journey takes more than an hour, and you can reach the city center at every possible point along the way.

From the bus stop, you take a walk down to the small settlement of Nakhchivan. You can expect to find two types of people in this exurb: the locals and foreigners. The locals are mainly elderly, while the foreigners are mostly students and young professionals from Azerbaev, Tashkova and other cities in central Kazakhstan. You will also come across occasional soldiers and workers from the nearby army base. The foreigners are mostly either ethnically Russian or Uzbek, speaking their local language.

One of the most interesting sites in Nakhchivan is the ruined Orthodox cathedral of Ovodor. Built in the seventeenth century, it has been serving as a holy place for locals and foreigners for nearly half a century. It is situated on the main square in the town, and you can get a real feel for the history of the town by exploring the interior and exterior of the building. There is a museum with photos and other information about the cathedral and the region, and it is worth a visit for anyone interested in the history of churches and monasteries in the former Soviet Union.

Another interesting site is the village of Nizhni-Khrushchaya, where you can visit a monument commemorating the victims of the Armenian Assyrian war. The old section of the village, including the cemetery and a few houses, was destroyed during the destruction of these during the Armenian civil war. The journey ends at the railway station in Nakhchivan, where you can catch a bus or taxi to reach your hotel. The trip takes about three and a half hours, and the train is the ideal way to travel between the towns.

The trip to Nakhchivan is an excellent way to explore one of the last great Soviet satellite towns. Nakhchivan, like many of the destinations in the former Soviet Union, is set against the impressive backdrop of the Karakoram Range. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic scenery and rich culture of this unique corner of the world.