The most prominent tourist destination in the northern region of Turkey is surely the town of Silopi. This delightful little place rests on a hillock overlooking the Marmaris Sea. This serene little beach is the perfect setting for an afternoon break or a romantic evening with your loved one. When planning your next trip to Turkey, you should pay a visit to Silopi – a delightful little seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast.

The greatest attraction of Silopi is undeniably the Blue Cave. The cave is a creation of nature – it was not built by man and contains thousands of years of beautiful carvings. There are many fascinating things to do inside and outside the cave. You can go for hikes, fishing, rowing, swimming and a variety of other activities to occupy your time during your travels to Turkey. As you travel to Silopi, make sure you take along your camera – this is one of the things that will remain etched into your memory of the best and most unforgettable moments of your trip.

If you like the idea of eating more locally grown foods, then visit the farm shops located along the coasts. They sell freshly caught fresh fish, olive oil, herbs and spices which are freshly prepared by the owner. The taste and quality of the products are usually of excellent quality. If you decide to eat out, you can try out some of the traditional dishes from Turkey like hummus or kebabs, but if you want to sample a new style of Turkish food, then visit the local farm shop and taste the freshly prepared salads, meat and vegetable salsas.

You cannot talk about life in Silopi without mentioning the historical importance of the town. Legend has it that the region was founded by a Turkish Prince who was trying to conquer neighbouring countries such as Mesopotamia. Some of the locals believe that he was trying to achieve world power and greatness at the same time. Now, thanks to the great efforts of the Turkish military and the Turkish people, the region is no longer a province of the Empire – instead it is a major tourist attraction in Turkey.

A trip to Silopi will also take you to another world. You will be able to visit the ancient sites, monasteries and cathedrals which are still in their original condition. The best way to explore them is by riding on a riad – a large, traditionally built turban-rafting vehicle used to transport monks to Silopi. It is a must for everyone visiting the place. Also try to spend a few hours in one of the many bazaars or shopping malls. This will not only help you to practice your Turkish but it will also add to the delightful experience of Silopi tourism.

Your journey to Silopi cannot be concluded with just having a tete-a-tete with some old timers. Be sure to visit some of the fantastic water parks and enjoy yourself to the max. Go swimming in one of the many beaches around. Get a sun tan by lying on some rock pools. And enjoy your stay!