Trip to Porto Alegre

Tips on Traveling to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil With a Rental Car

Traveling to Brazil may seem expensive but it’s not impossible to plan an affordable trip there. Many families now travel to Brazil to spend quality time with each other. Most families have at least one member in Brazil and want to enjoy Brazil with their children, however, the cost of traveling there can be costly for those families. When planning your trip to Brazil do not let the cost of travel put you off, there are plenty of ways to travel to Brazil for less.

If you are travelling with a small family or just like to go out as a family then you may find that the cost of your airfares are high. The price of a seven-day trip to Porto Alegre for an individual traveler is around $1, ssoni and $2, Feldman. However, if you are travelling as part of a couple or a large family group the price of flights and accommodation may come down. Porto Alegre’s airport is located approximately thirty miles from Rio de Janeiro.

For those travelling with families and looking for flights and accommodation at cheap rates then you can book your flights to Porto Alegre online ahead of time. There are plenty of websites online that offer flight deals to Brazil. You can find affordable flights to Porto Alegre that way rather than visiting Brazil directly. It may take you a bit longer to reach your destination and it may take up to four hours to get to your hotel once you arrive at Porto Alegre. However, with your choice of car hire company, it is possible to drive yourself to your hotel and save time on your trip.

You can also make your choice of a three-star hotel that is within walking distance of your vacation rental home while still saving money on your transportation costs. Some companies do not offer airport transfers to your hotel if you book your flight and your accommodation separately. This means that you can drive to the airport and use public transport to get to your hotel, saving money on the flight and the transfer. Many people prefer to drive as this gives them flexibility to explore the city and do shopping as they see fit. The three-star hotels that offer parking have a lot less flexibility than the larger luxury five star hotels.

If you are planning a trip to Brazil and are planning on visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro then you may have to arrange your transportation during the off season. The off season is generally between May and August. In addition to finding cheap flights to Porto Alegre there are other options to save on your hotel costs while in the city. The first place you should consider is to ask your travel agent about package deals. These are single trip ticket packages that include your airfare, hotel and rental car. These packages will be cheaper than buying all of these items separately.

Another great way to save money is to visit the city during the low season when flights to Brazil are at their cheapest. Rio and most of the major cities of Brazil are rarely crowded during this time and you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. One thing to note is that the airport in Rio is only located about fifteen miles from the city. If you are driving your own vehicle, be sure to arrive early enough to allow for ample space in the rental car before it is too late to change your flight. A lot of rental car companies are booked up during the peak season, so if you want to avoid having to make a last minute flight arrangement it is best to book your flight months ahead of time.