Trip to Kakamega

A Guide to Making Reservations For a Trip to Kenya

One of the oldest cities in Kenya, Kakamega continues to be a popular travel destination and tourist haven because of its amazing scenery and natural beauty. The city is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kenya. It is also home to many interesting monuments and tourist attractions. One of these include the Old Town, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. The Old Town includes the Kenya Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, Mar Masai Cultural Village and Ngorongoro Hills National Park. Other notable sites in the Old Town are the Museum of Modern Art, the Zintu Community Hall and the Vice President’s House.

The Serengeti safari and the beautiful Maasai Mara safari offer the best opportunities to explore the wilderness and observe wild animals. Both of these trips include a visit to the wildebeest migration, which takes place between April and June each year. The wildebeest migration is a sight to behold and millions of visitors from around the world come to witness this event. The Serengeti National Park houses some of the most diverse animal species on earth including the large wildebeest, lion, leopard, cheetah and more. There are many wonderful hotels in the area that provide accommodations to these animals.

A luxury trip to Kenya like a Safari Villa in Nairobi offers you the chance to see and experience wild animals in their natural habitat. Many travelers prefer a vacation rental to paying premium hotel accommodations due to the accommodation benefits and flight costs associated with staying at a luxury hotel. Vacation rentals are also less expensive and provide a convenient way to travel while on a vacation. They can be rented for longer vacations and for shorter trips such as family camping vacations.

The Serengeti safari in Kenya is another popular attraction in the country; however, you will find that there are dozens of other activities that families and couples can participate in while on this safari. The Ngorongoro Crater is one such location that offers incredible scenery along with an opportunity to view some amazing wildlife including elephant, zebra and giraffe. Another site that you will want to visit on your trip to Kenya is the Ngorongoro crater; this is where millions of years ago a massive meteor impact occurred. This impact left this gigantic crater that is today known as the Ngorongoro crater.

The Nairobi National Park is home to more than half the world’s endangered white-tailed monkeys and it is one of the most popular destinations on a safari in Kenya. Another popular site for tourists in the country is the Nairobi National Reserve which is home to other exotic creatures including lions, elephants and rhinoceroses. You can make your booking for a safari to Kenya or for Kenya holiday reservations online in advance; if you are planning a trip to Kenya sometime in the near future you should be able to make your reservations online through tour companies like Safaris Kenya.

Your safari to Kenya is sure to offer a great deal of excitement, adventure and new experiences. No matter where you stay during your stay in the Nairobi area you will be able to experience a rich selection of hotels including luxury resorts; while hotels in the town of Kakamega provide accommodations within or close by the park. Some of the lodges in the area are pet friendly and you may even be able to find a lodge that has a garden. There are plenty of sites to see within the park and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in native bushman hunting. It is said that the kakamega rainforest is one of the richest natural habitats in the world and your stay will allow you to see for yourself just what it offers.