Trip to Guatemala

Trip to Guatemala – A Legendary Experience

You’ve decided to take your next adventure into the great outdoors – it might be a hike in the mountains, a kayaking trip through the Amazon, or a scenic flight over the Andes Mountains. Now you need to decide where you’re heading off to, and how long you plan to be away. Will you be taking a week or more, or will a weekend excursion suffice? How many places are you planning to visit? A trip to Guatemala will give you answers to these questions and more as you discover the ancient Mayan ways and explore the incredible countryside.

The Mayan Trail, one of the most popular treks in Central America, starts in the city of Tampico, extends east for seven miles through the jungle, and ends in the village of Chiclayo, where the trail leads to the ruins of the colossal Colladayna Mountains. For this trek, you’ll need to rent a guide, arrange transportation for at least part of the distance, and make several stops to scout out the incredible sights that the area has to offer. Regardless of the time of year you choose to hike the Mayan Trail, you’ll encounter astounding wildlife, crystal-blue lakes, amazing views of the volcano ranges, and ancient ruins. This is a place that’s well worth exploring on a trip to Guatemala.

If you’d rather head into the wilder parts of the jungle on your way to Guatemala, a day trip to the southern part of the country (called the Highlands) will give you a different view on the scenery. Start by taking a ride on an elephant, which will meander through a beautiful jungle landscape populated by lagoons and waterfalls. End your day trip to Guatemala with a visit to one of the seven lagoons along the way that offer spectacular sights of the jungle in all kinds of sizes. The longest of these lagoons (the Lake Laguna, ) provides a stunning view of the surrounding jungle as you wheel through it. You may even spot a black-backed anteater or two.

On your way to Guatemala, you’ll want to take in some of the spectacular views across the Andes Mountains. While in Volcan Baru, a small town on the western edge of the range, you can grab some lunch and take in one of the best views across the volcanic landscapes of Guatemala. Next, visit the volcanoes of Cerro Picudo and Papagayo; these two volcanoes are the most active on the planet and allow you to explore their grandeur from the safety of an airplane. From there, you can head to the Guatemala City International Airport, pick up your luggage, and head out for one of the greatest days of your life.

You’ll need to make several changes to your original itinerary if you decide to include a day trip to Guatemala. Since you’re traveling with an inexperienced guide, you will need to choose a more casual way of packing for your day trip. Instead of packing for an afternoon of adventure in the wilderness, you’ll need to pack for a more relaxed excursion. You should also make sure to include plenty of sunscreen and bottled water for replenishment, as these are essentials on a day trip like this. Your pick of accommodations will depend on whether you plan to stay overnight; we recommend staying in either a large hotel or a beautiful private rancheschool.

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